Why Your Strategy Depends on Talent

The success of your strategy depends heavily on the quality of your talent, particularly in key positions.  Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, says the best performers are twice as good as average in procedural work and ten times better than average in creative and inventive work.  I agree.  The worst mistake you can make in hiring is to bring on a mediocre performer, because you’ll probably keep him/her for a long time, unlike a weak performer who will likely be separated or leave in the short-term.  The lessons?  First, make sure you have outstanding talent in key positions.  Second, upgrade your process to select the best.
© Bob Legge 2013  All rights reserved
Coming Soon:  I just finished filming an 8-part video series on business strategy and tactics and sailing.  Filmed on my boat, a Cape Dory 36, the series covers strategy, tactics, leadership, navigation, change and more in both sailing and business.  The parallels are entertaining and compelling.  I’ll be providing links very soon.

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