Why have performance reviews?

Recently, there’s been a lot written about how bad performance reviews are.  I agree.  In fact, the traditional performance review is perfectly designed to deflate employees, depress managers, and provide no meaningful improvement to either performance or development.  But if you think people don’t like performance reviews, try not having them–people won’t like that either.
The key is to refocus on the purpose of performance reviews (and it’s not to determine how to dole out the merit increase budget, which is a big part of the problem.)  A hint:  If your performance review process isn’t resulting in better performance and better alignment with your business strategy, you should get rid of it and start from scratch.  And if you want ideas on how to do it, send me an email (bob.legge[at]leggecompany.com) and I’ll send you my article on how to do it.

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