When to Change Your Strategy — Navigating Corporate Strategy

When implementing a strategy, it is imperative to adapt to conditions.  In most cases, this means not following the plan, but improvising to adjust to market conditions, competitive moves, customer changes, vendor problems, technological change, and other key influences.  This is to be expected as noted by all primary strategic thinkers from Von Clauswitz to Peter Drucker to Steve Jobs.  How you go about making adaptations calls for good leadership and communications.  Not surprisingly, the same need for adaptation to plan is required in sailing.  Wind shifts, waves, storms, trafffic, damaged equipment, and other changing conditions require the ability to note the change early and adapt quickly.  In this video, Bob compares the need to adjust plans in both business and in sailing.
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Bob Legge works with companies to improve individual and organizational performance. His clients have included Fortune 500 companies, mid-size companies, non-profits, education and government. To find out more, contact Bob at boblegge@boblegge.com or call him at (585) 305-7853. Bob’s website is www.boblegge.com.

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