When a Key Manager Isn't Cutting It

Having the right strategy and structure is good, but you need to make sure that you have the right key players in every important management position. Is each one capable of helping to take your operation to the next level? Do they understand and are they fully committed to the strategy? Do they ‘pack the gear’ (skills, perspective, and attitude) necessary to be highly effective? – the skills, perspective, and attitudes.
If a manager is doing okay, but not excelling, what are you going to do about it? Live with it? Make work-arounds to accommodate them? Are you hesitant to make a move because an individual has been with the company for a long time and were effective in the past?
Whatever the situation, if he or she is not the right person for the position today, you must make a change. That does not necessarily mean he/she has to leave the company, but it does mean you have to face-up to the problem.
I have seen leaders live with mediocre talent that holds the entire company or division back. And I can tell you that in every case where action is taken to get the right talent in the position, everything seems to improve – the operations, the atmosphere, the energy, and the attitudes of high performers who all wonder why it took so long.
Don’t misunderstand me – this should not be a capricious or mean action. It needs to be handled with respect for the person and finding a solution that works for both the company and the person.
Chances are the person in question knows that he/she is not performing up to expectations and is not very happy with the situation and secretly wants a change. In many cases, a better position can be found where he/she will add good value. In other cases, they can be helped to find a much more appropriate and satisfying position in another company.
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