What leaders can learn from a champion equestrian

I find it fascinating to watch excellent coaches and I saw a master at work over the weekend.  It was a horse eventing clinic run by champion British equestrian Lucinda Green–a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.  And what she told the clinic participants applies equally well to leaders of organizations.
As the participants on horseback gathered following an exercise, she said that whether an equestrian is in competition or in practice, the rider has only three primary things to focus on; the horse does the rest.  The three can be remembered by the acronym ELBOW.  E is for Engine — the power required at any given time is requested and maintained by the rider.  L is for Line — the rider chooses the line or direction the horse will go.  B is for Balance — keeping in proper balance to enable the horse to perform at its best safely.  OW is when you get one of the three wrong.
Focus the power of your organization on the right priorities, provide the direction you want it to go, and maintain the right balance of demand.  Then let your organization perform at its best.  That’s good advice.
© Bob Legge 2014  All rights reserved

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