Too Busy to Succeed

Most of the leaders and senior executives I work with are grappling with not enough time in the day.  They are running hard trying to stay on top of key issues, but it’s affecting their work effectiveness and personal lives.  They need a way to focus on the issues and tasks that are most important and jettison the rest. 

This is particularly true for:

  • Executives newly promoted to leadership roles
  • Executives taking on significantly more responsibility, or
  • Leaders whose companies are going into rapid growth phases, undergoing significant change (think merger/acquisition or technology-driven change.)

For nearly all of them, I have helped them gain between six and eight hours per week.  The process is a combination of understanding how they are using time, using a better way to manage their time, and creating blocks of discretionary time.

What would an extra six to eight hours every week mean for you?

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