The Sequestration and Leadership (or not)

The sequestration issue is the latest in a series of economic/governmental crises that have marked the current administration’s tenure.  This blog is about strategy implementation, which presumes both a strategy to begin with and a leader to see the implementation through.  It’s difficult to see either in this case.  Yes, both sides are responsible for the current situation, but the president as the leader is accountable and should be able to avoid the continual mini-crises and brinksmanship that shake investors, consumers, and all economic sectors as these events clearly have.  I’ll be the first to say that politics and business leadership are different, but what they have in common in this case is the need for the leader to move ahead without creating continual waves of crisis and uncertainty.  Other presidents–Reagan and Clinton to name two–have had to deal with entrenched opposition and have done so productively.  There are those who say that this is the current president’s intent.  Whether it is or isn’t his intent, not effective leadership. 

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