The problem with improving innovation

For years I’ve helped companies improve innovation in a number of ways, and I continue to find that innovation itself is widely misunderstood.  Innovation is how companies rapidly grow revenues and emerge as leaders in their industries.  It is the single most important trait of highly successful companies.  Innovation is not the same a continuous improvement or problem solving.  It typically does not occur in management meetings or strategic planning.  You won’t get innovation by paying people to get results that are innovative.  Yet there are specific organizational approaches, skills, and ways of rewarding innovation that do work and have been proven effective.
Increasing innovation in an organization involves a step-by-step approach to develop skills and processes, generate ideas, filter them, test them and develop them while assessing risk, return, and ease of implementation.  The starting point is the willingness of senior leaders to create an environment where innovation flourishes.  And that is often the most difficult step.
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