The Key to Stop Micromanaging

Growing a business is not easy.  The challenge is particularly acute for entrepreneurs who successfully launch a business, but soon find that the leadership style that got the business to a certain level of success, soon gets in the way of continuing business success.  They hit a ‘success trap,’ where the bottleneck at the top causes delays to decisions and actions.   Letting go of a micromanagement style can be very difficult for a lot of reasons:  It’s got you to where you are, you enjoy being involved in all the details, the organization is not ready for a different way of managing, you’re concerned about the impact on sales and customer service if you change your leadership style, etc.
With the leaders I’ve coached through this transition, the most important factors are the realization that a change is needed, and the resolve to see the change through.  All the other factors such as developing the organization, adapting management processes, and streamlining decision making, are important, but are secondary.
If you want to change your leadership style, to shift from micromanagement to a more effective leadership style, you have to first build your resolve to see it through.

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