The Implementation Advantage

Strategy fails when it’s not implemented well – when it’s not connected to what goes on in people’s jobs day-to-day.  You need to connect it.  And you also want decisions to be made consistent with strategic intent.  Strategy implementation has to be part of the daily fabric of the organization.  It’s not done once a month, it’s not something you do once a week; it must be the daily fabric of the organization.  And, by the way, it doesn’t need to add to day-to-day work.  But it does take smart implementation. 

When you’re ready to launch the strategy, you need to make sure that you’ve got everything ready to go:  Your communications, your top team fully on board, your organization structure and key processes in alignment.

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I am a trusted advisor on strategy implementation and executive effectiveness to leaders of Fortune 500 companies, mid-size companies, nonprofits, education, and government. My work helps leaders drive strategy, lead successful change, develop high performance cultures, improve individual and organizational performance, and produce faster, sustainable growth and value. 

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