The Executive's Quick Guide to Coaching Functional Managers

If you listen to the business press, you might come away thinking that developing people is all about culture. The message is something like: ‘leaders don’t grow people, they create the conditions within which people grow’.
No doubt, the conditions/culture are important, but don’t neglect how important it is for you to do one-on-one coaching. Every one of your direct reports manages an area that is important to your business success. Even if you don’t fully understand their work as well as they do, you can still coach them on a range of topics.
One of the most important topics is a thorough understanding of the business strategy and how their functional areas play a key role in its success. This is fundamental to organization alignment.
Another important coaching topic is a whole-business mindset. Each manager sees the business through his/her own functional filter. Don’t let them work in functional isolation. Make sure their objectives support the business, not just their functions.
One of the best ways to jump-start this is through your strategic planning sessions.
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