The Essence of Building Accountability

Instilling accountability is very important.  It is the fast track to commitment, performance, and people development. Unfortunately, way too many leaders, managers, and supervisors see accountability as making people responsible and “holding their feet to the fire.”  They see it as a way to control and manipulate people, focusing on blame, mistakes, and negative performance reviews. They take the attitude that the individual is going to come up short, and they’ll be there to point out the shortfall — as if this helps anyone.
The most effective leaders, managers, and supervisors have a different perspective.  They understand that the point of accountability is to help people succeed and grow. These leaders are no less demanding, but they act as accountability partners who help make sure all their direct reports are successful.
How are your managers using accountability?  Is the focus on shortfall or on success?  What are you doing to strengthen your accountability system?

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