Take Less Action — And Get Better Results

Managers become quite adept at problem solving which involves taking action to bring performance back up to where it once was.  You know the drill:  An individual’s performance declines, a process goes off the rails, etc.  You need someone to take action to correct the problem.
Yet the greater value is to increase performance to a level it’s never been before.  That takes innovation, and it’s different from problem solving.  Innovation is essential for growth.  It requires improvement, not simple doing what you’ve always done.  It’s the manager’s job to innovate — to get results.
If you want to improve as a manager, you have to do less taking action on problems, and do more to innovate and drive higher results.  What percent of your time is spent problem solving vs. innovating?
© Copyright 2016  Bob Legge
Bob Legge provides organizations with the ability to exceed their most ambitious goals.  I work with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, small and mid-size companies, nonprofits, education, and government. Together, we drive strategy, lead successful change, develop high performance cultures, improve individual and organizational performance, and produce faster, sustainable growth and value.  Contact him at  bob.legge@leggecompany.com

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