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Why Strategies Fail

Some corporate strategies fail because the strategy itself is flawed or non-existent.  For example, former Kodak CEO Kay Whitmore told me in 2000 that no

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Decision Paralysis

During détente back in the days of Gorbachev, a group of Russian diplomats was taken to an American supermarket.  Contrary to the expectations of the

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Not Lovin' It So Much

McDonalds told franchisees last month that “service is broken.”  Rude employees, slow service, and a chaotic environment don’t lead to a good customer experience.  No

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A Day in the Life

In Philadelphia over the weekend I saw a Beatles tribute band backed up by the Philadelphia Pops.  The concert was great, but what really struck

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Leadership Succession

Having worked on CEO succession plans and processes for a number of organizations, I was intrigued this week when Pope Benedict announced that he was

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What the Doctor Said

“Are you exercising?” he asked. “Yes, sure, I’m going on walks around the farm,” I said. “By exercising, I mean 30-40 minutes, 4 times each

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