Strategy Isn't Tactics

Strategy isn’t about starting from today and going forward into the future.  It’s about defining the future you want and working backwards from it to determine how you’re going to get there.  If instead you begin with where you are today and plan to make improvements going forward, what you’re doing isn’t strategic.   It’s operational.  It’s all about tactics and incremental improvement to try to be competitive. 

The best companies don’t want to be competitive, they want to be leading the competition – to be distinctive, to have an edge that provides significant value for their customers, and to make it sustainable so that it cannot be easily replicated. 

So, if you start with something you call ‘strategy’ but which is really operational improvement, you’re simply trying to be competitive –like everyone else.

Why not take the opportunity to think more broadly about your business – to think strategically, and develop a strategy that makes you distinctive, not just competitive.

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