Strategic Planning is Rapidly Changing

Long gone are the thick binders GE used decades ago to create detailed plans for the next five years.  Even the approaches pioneered in the early 1980’s based on an organization’s current situation (such as SWOT analysis and Porter’s industry analysis) are quickly falling by the wayside.  Instead, organizations are adopting new approaches to sensing the future, creating rapid prototypes, and using scenario-based strategies.
What’s causing these changes?  The speed and complexity of change, the realization that one’s current situation cannot be successfully extrapolated into the future, the need to tap into more perspectives than senior management’s, and the practical need to successfully implement the strategy, make swift organizational changes, and fully align the entire organization with the strategy.
If your strategic planning process could use a lift, and you want new ideas to develop strategy in today’s changing environment, I’ll be happy to give you a briefing.

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