Restructuring? More Ideas for Success

Last week I wrote about key elements of restructuring.  Here are a few more practical tips from my years of working with scores of organizations going through change:

  • Your strategy is (hopefully) unique.  That means your organization design also needs to be unique, so don’t go trying to copy what others have done.
  • How people interact makes a huge difference — even in the digital age — so pay attention to proximity and interaction.
  • Processes drive value, so a redesign needs to enable the few processes that drive most of that value.

Finally, make sure that your organization redesign avoids both gaps and overlaps in accountability.

Bob Legge provides organizations with the ability to exceed their most ambitious goals.  I work with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, mid-size companies, nonprofits, education, and government. Together, we drive strategy, lead successful change, develop high performance cultures, improve individual and organizational performance, and produce faster, sustainable growth and value.  Contact him at

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