Preparing to launch

Boatyards are busy places in the Spring.  Every year I see people all having the same goal, to launch their boats, but with different styles:  The competitive ones who want to be first to have their boats in the water,  the methodical ones who check-off a list of tasks for proper launching, and the socialites who thoroughly enjoy walking around and talking to everyone else. 

Work places too are populated by different types of people, and just as marketers segment their markets and customers, leaders would do well to understand that while creating an overall cultural identity is important to run the business, the only way to truly engage employee motivation is to tap rational self interest.  In the case of large employee groups, you have to segment.  For executives and many key staff it requires smaller groups or even individual attention.




How to Get Your Senior Team On the Same Page   Get past all the politics, silos, and dysfunction that come from senior managers who are working on different agendas and with difficult personalities.  Here’s the link to my new 2½ minute video  CLICK HERE


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