People Don't Hate Change

Leaders will sometimes tell me that people hate change.  But it’s not true.  Nearly all of my work involves some amount of organization change.  Sometimes it’s broad, sweeping change in strategy, organization restructuring, or culture.  Other times the change is more limited.  And while it’s true that you can always count on resistance to change — even positive change — it’s not true that people hate change.  What they hate is change that they have no control over, the feeling of surprise when change is sudden, and the helplessness of not knowing what’s coming next.  I’ve found time and again that change can be accelerated and readily adopted by being smart in how the change effort is designed and implemented.  When leaders know how to sponsor and communicate change, and people are involved so that they “own” the change, the results are outstanding. And the approaches, tools, and techniques of successful change leadership are valuable all the time–not just during major change efforts.  What are you doing to make your organization more adaptable and more change ready?

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