On the Farm

We have chickens on our farm and, up until a week ago, we had a rooster.  The rooster had to go.  He was bossy with the chickens and even the humans.  He attacked nearly everyone, and crowed all the time.  The last straw was when the rooster scratched my wife and then drove our ferrier away before he had attended to our horses.
So, the rooster lost his head.  Literally.
Now it’s quieter on the farm and we can walk around without a rooster attack.  However, the most significant impact has been on the chickens’ behavior.  With the rooster around they would huddle in the barn, never going anywhere without the rooster, and not talking or interacting with other animals (including humans.)  Now they wander around freely.  They’re friendly, happy, and producing lots of fresh eggs.
I see similarities between roosters and micro-managers.
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