New Senior Leaders Must Change These to be Effective

These Have to Change When You Become an Executive Leader
When a person is promoted to a leadership position as a CEO, COO, president, or senior executive there are three primary competencies that must change to be effective:

  1. Strategic-level perspective and thinking — Only by elevating one’s perspective to include the entire enterprise (or the part the executive leads) can the leader address the most important tasks and focus the organization on the right things.
  2. The skills needed to lead at a high level — Such skills include strategic planning, strategy communication and implementation, delegation and accountability, change leadership all become far more important.
  3. How time is allocated — Determining how to spend time is perhaps the most difficult.  Senior leaders need to spend their time on the things only they can do — not what others can do — and be both highly efficient and ruthless in guarding their time, especially for reflection.  Move a  few things a mile instead of many things an inch.

As a senior leader, how are you doing on these key competencies?
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