Manipulation Instead of Commitment

Commitment is a hugely important part of implementing strategy.  It cannot be achieved through manipulation.  I had a client who prided himself as leading by consensus, yet he wondered why his executive team wasn’t fully committed.  In his mind, consensus meant getting everyone to buy-in to a direction or decision he had already made.  Fair enough.  The problem was that he would not tell the group that he had already made the decision.  Instead, he would present the problem, ask for input and discussion, all the while steering the group to the outcome he wanted in advance.  He called that consensus.  His people said it was readily transparent and that they felt manipulated and disrespected – not a good way to build commitment.

There are only about five different leadership styles, any one of which will help build commitment, but manipulation isn’t one of them.  Is your leadership style building the level of commitment you need?

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