Leading Change & Keeping Everyone On-Board — Navigating Corporate Change

In business strategy, navigating change is of paramount importance. Every strategic plan requires changes in how the organization must perform, and no strategy is implemented without further change along the way. It is imperative then that the leader be able to anticipate and lead change whenever it is appropriate. In this video, Bob compares the regular changes required for a sailboat to make progress, and how the skipper leads those changes to alert the crew of upcoming change and then decisively take the action needed to successfully make the change happen.
See all eight segments at my YouTube Channel:  http://bit.ly/1mGfyUY
Bob Legge works with companies to improve individual and organizational performance. His clients have included Fortune 500 companies, mid-size companies, non-profits, education and government. To find out more, contact Bob at boblegge@boblegge.com or call him at (585) 305-7853. Bob’s website is www.boblegge.com.

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