Leadership: Your Mileage May Vary

When working with clients on implementing strategy, accelerating change, or improving performance, the actual results they achieve can vary greatly. Some clients make good steady progress while others grab ahold and rocket forward with tremendous speed and growth. There are a number of factors involved, including (but not limited to) quality of leadership, skilled and experienced staff, honed processes, a strong business model and top-notch communications. But by far the number one determinant is the leader’s mindset.
Those leaders who focus on opportunity, expect high performance, and are ready to make changes are the ones who to see the best results. They build self-confidence in their organizations and challenge their people to accomplish great things. In these organizations, people usually tell me that they accomplished more than they thought they were capable of accomplishing.
Those who focus on difficulties, intractable problems, and ongoing barriers will realize much smaller gains. They look for short-fall and have low expectations. And their employees reflect that by approaching challenges as something to ‘try,’ but not to ‘get done.’
If you want to accelerate growth, you have to be thinking bigger, more positively, and demonstrate it in your leadership. People will mimic the tone, the mindset, and the attitude of the leader. And that predicts success.
Copyright 2017 Bob Legge
Bob Legge has an unmatched ability to help clients achieve competitive advantage, leaving competitors in their dust. He has worked with companies across industries and geographies to align critical elements, dominate their markets, and achieve dramatic results, such as 600% revenue increase in three years. Personally, he enjoys sailing where both his strategic abilities and tactical skills help him see interesting places while having a fabulous time with friends and family.
Contact him at: bob.legge@leggecompany.com.

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