Improving the Value of Your Workforce — One Person at a Time

As a leader or manager, one of your tasks is to continually increase the value of your workforce.  Usually this means training and developing groups.  But you should also be thinking about individuals, particularly:

  • Separating those who do not or cannot perform to standards
  • Separating those who do not or cannot behave in-line with the corporate values
  • Selecting and hiring those who do fit the culture and will likely be high performers.

Each and every improvement increases the overall value of your workforce.
© Copyright 2016  Bob Legge
Bob Legge provides organizations with the ability to exceed their most ambitious goals.  I work with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, small and mid-size companies, nonprofits, education, and government. Together, we drive strategy, lead successful change, develop high performance cultures, improve individual and organizational performance, and produce faster, sustainable growth and value.  Contact him at

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