*How to Fix a Negative Mentality at Work

*How to Fix a Negative Mentality at Work* #boblegge
Rochester, NY carries a negative mentality—“that won’t work,” “we’ve tried that before,” “nothing is going to change,” etc. It’s a point that came up recently at a small dinner of CEOs with the new mayor. And it’s insidious because it takes the wind right out of attempts to make improvement and creates an ongoing doom-loop.
That same negative vibe exists in many organizations I know of: A hospital where common courtesy is lacking, a company where dedicated engineers are told to ship product they know is not ready, a cable operation where installers have no say about their schedules, etc.
It’s always a signal that leadership is weak, and it’s almost always a reflection of the leader’s own behaviors. If you have a company, division, or department where people are disgruntled, look first at the leader.

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