How to Ensure the Success of Your Strategy

Whether you are politically for or against Obamacare, there can be no dispute about the implementation failure surrounding the $400 million website portal that was to be one-click access to the new health insurance system. Even the New York Times has documented the massive problems. I can’t think of a bigger and more public implementation failure than this one.
That’s not to say that the private sector has a great track record—estimates are that upwards of 90% of corporate strategies fail to realize their intended goals. Strong implementation means strong accountability, employees who act like owners, a collaborative leadership team, sufficient funding, crisp processes, the right talent, and especially leadership.  They all make a positive difference.
Implementation is the non-sexy part of strategy, yet most organizations spend far too little time ensuring that strategies will be successful. It doesn’t have to be that way. For a free copy of my Implementation Assessment Diagnostic, send me an email at

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