How to develop objective leadership in a subjective world

We live in a world that is populated by factions and special interests.  By focusing on one side, Fox News has become highly successful, so much so that it didn’t take long for MSNBC to take the same approach, but from a different point of view.   The New York Times editorial flavor is strongly tilted one way, and the Wall Street Journal’s editorial flavor goes the other way. People gravitate to information sources that reflect their values and beliefs, and in doing so, their beliefs are reinforced, and their emotions are stoked, but they never get a truly objective view.
This can happen within organizations too.  Different functions see situations through different lenses so that marketing and manufacturing and customer service may all have very different interpretations and recommendations–all based on incomplete knowledge.
The role of the leader is to listen without prejudice and to come to an objective understanding without being swayed by limited views or emotion.  That’s not easy.  It’s a judgment skill, and it needs to be learned early on, in one’s first supervisory or management role.
What are you doing in your organization to develop your managers and leaders early on?
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