How the best teams work

Many leaders today still subscribe to the idea that everyone reporting to them must conform to the leader’s thoughts and opinions–both before decisions are made, and after.  This slavish devotion was nearly universal during earlier decades, but in the digital age it is a dangerous approach–because it results in less than optimal decisions, and because bright, high-performing people won’t stay long in an environment where their views are not welcomed (or they stay and are dysfunctional.)
Leaders today need the best thinking from the brightest people on key issues and decisions.  Here’s how they do it:  First, create a great team with smart, capable people having deep knowledge in their areas of expertise.  Second, tap the best ideas from all the different perspectives and ways of thinking in order to make the best decisions.  Third, ensure that the whole group, knowing the best decision has been made, fully supports the decision and does everything possible to promote it and make it successful.
The process and tools to ingrain this way of leading are easy to implement because they are non-bureaucratic and well accepted.  (Interestingly, it is often the leader who is the most resistant.)

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