How Successful Executives Demonstrate a Strategic Perspective

An important challenge any successful executive needs to master is the transition from an operational project focus to a strategic focus. That’s not to say that projects aren’t important (they are.) Executives will contribute to identifying and prioritizing key projects, but leading projects is the task of operational positions.
Here’s how mature executives demonstrate a strategic perspective:

  • Exhibiting a very good sense of how the business operates including how value is created, the economic drivers of success, and what costs are most important to monitor and control.
  • Showing longer-term thinking and not narrowly focused on the short-term.
  • Having a functional or divisional strategy that clearly connects to the overall business strategy and goals.
  • Being focused on company needs, policies and priorities, not just his or her own function or division.
  • Clearly reflecting the values of the company in his or her behaviors, decisions, and actions.

Two helpful resources to make this transition to a strategic perspective are a role model and an advisor – both of whom have successfully done it before.
Are you demonstrating a strategic perspective?
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