How Strong is Your Leadership Pipeline?

Recently I gave a talk at the New York Bankers Association Senior Management Conference about how to sustain a high-performance organization.  One key to sustainable performance is having a strong leadership pipeline to ensure management continuity and strengthen leadership at all levels.
A leadership pipeline begins with how you bring people with leadership talent into your organization, then how you challenge then, develop their skills, give them leadership experiences, and model leadership for them.
Rate Your Own Leadership Pipeline
On a scale of 1 to 10, how are you doing on the following right now?  (10 being fabulous, 1 being abysmal, and 5 being right about in the middle.)

  1. We have a strong talent mindset among our management team and each manager is a role model of the kind of leaders we need.
  2. We pay attention to attracting leadership qualities for every job opening, rather than just filling positions.
  3. We consciously work to develop skills and abilities all the time; instead of just focusing on managing tasks, judging performance, and correcting problems.
  4. We know the kind of leadership potential we have at each level of the organization and work to develop it further.
  5. We have a well-defined system of leadership development which reflects our own company beliefs and business strategy.
  6. We train our managers and supervisors in what our leadership development system is, how it works, and their role in its effectiveness.
  7. We provide training and coaching to managers and supervisors in how to provide performance feedback and career development discussions in-line with our overall leadership development system.
  8. We provide regular opportunities for people to exercise leadership skills on project teams, opportunity teams, and innovation teams.
  9. We pay particular attention to the unique leadership challenges at each level instead of a one-size fits all approach to leadership development.
  10. At all levels of the organization we have a strong bench of people who are ready to step into greater leadership roles when needed.

A score of 95 or higher is excellent.  85-95 is commendable.  75-85 needs improvement on several important factors.  Below 75 shows a significant deficiency.
My work improves individual and organizational performance and includes strategic planning, strategy execution, change management, and executive coaching. If you or anyone you know can use this kind of help, I’d greatly appreciate a referral.

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