How leaders speed-up their organizations

Bob LeggeGolf carts are equipped with governors to keep the cart from going too fast.  I think many organizations have governors too, designed to keep employees from going too fast.  Micromanaging, keeping people guessing about what is coming next, consuming time with meetings, reports, and approvals, etc.  They all serve as governors and are remnants of a time when bureaucracy was needed to control processes and systems.  But the information age has changed all that.
Today, speed is a competitive advantage.  Faster new products, faster services, faster results.  The task of the leader is to get the most from their people, to enable things to move faster and to simultaneously build both capabilities and self-confidence.  Those leaders push on the accelerator, not the brake, and they dismantle organizational mechanisms that act as governors.
“So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work.”  — Peter Drucker.

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