How leaders' behaviors affect their people

Someone (I think it was Woody Allen) said that the role of the leader is to demonstrate how to act to his/her people.  It’s sound advice.  The most admired leaders show a focus and determination on achieving goals, getting things done, welcoming ideas, generating enthusiasm, using data and evidence to make decisions, being compassionate with people concerns, valuing honesty, and so on.  I’ve worked with hundreds of leaders and thousands of managers each of whom had their own way of positively influencing their organizations through their actions.
I’m concerned that our national leaders and candidates often demonstrate deleterious and lamentable behaviors that negatively affect the nation.  Make no mistake:  People do take their cues from their leaders.
My advice to leaders is this:   Your people watch your actions and behaviors and use them to legitimize their own behaviors.  If you want them to be honest, positive, innovative, engaging, and productive then be that way yourself.

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