How leaders balance strategies and tactics

The Vail condo I’ve been to a few times has a large hand-lettered sign in the garage that reads, “Wait for me, for I am your leader.”  It’s funny, but not if you’re in an organization with that kind of leader.  Employees, particularly high performers, want to know that their leaders have a destination, a strategy to reach it, and a plan to make it happen.
Leaders lead.  They are out front, showing the way, thinking of the next big step and where they want to take the organization.  They have a mix of the strategic and the tactical in their jobs and the ratio varies, often by company size.  Small organization leaders often need to devote most of their time to tactical issues, whereas in the largest companies, the top leader will be nearly 100% strategic.  But in any case, their organization’s growth requires the leader to maintain a strategic focus and to be personally involved in at least the few most important strategic initiatives.
How much time do you spend on strategic vs. tactical issues?  What’s the right strategic/tactical ratio for your position?
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