How clear is your strategy – Is your management team on the same page?

Most organizations set aside time each year for the senior team to discuss strategy and develop a strategic plan. Yet, in my experience, few companies end up with a strategic plan that drives the business.  Instead, everyone goes back to doing what they were already doing.  After a couple weeks, a binder containing the strategic plan is delivered to each senior manager.  Over time, the binder migrates from the desktop to the top of the credenza, to the inside of the credenza, and eventually to a file somewhere.
Seldom is the strategy referred to.  Once I worked with a CEO who told all the senior team to lock away the binder and not communicate the strategy internally least the competition learn about it. It wasn’t close to being a stellar strategy in the first place. (You can’t make this up.)
Having a strategy is good, but if your organization doesn’t know what it is, and if you don’t implement it, there’s absolutely no value.  It’s like having a high level of intelligence, but never putting it to good use.
How clear is your strategy to your organization — the people who need to implement it?  During your next management meeting, ask each of your senior managers to state in less than 20 seconds what your business strategy is.  If you don’t hear the same message from each, then they’re not on the same page.
Get a list of my key questions to ask yourself and your team to determine how clear your strategy is to the organization, and how well it is implemented.  It’s free – just click here.

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