For a Better Organization, Replace Your "Check Engine" Light

In healthy organizations, there is openness, trust, and a focus on achieving shared outcomes. There is no need for anonymity in 360-degree feedback or employee surveys because everyone is concerned more about making improvements and progress than on who said what. It is the complete opposite in unhealthy organizations where people are afraid to give feedback. I saw this first-hand in one organization where an autocratic CEO decided to do an open feedback session for the first time with his senior team. Despite assurances about it being purely constructive and positive, those few executives who provided real feedback to the CEO, found themselves on the outs. All were gone within three years.
All organizations have a need to identify ways to improve. Unhealthy companies have the equivalent of a “Check Engine” light – management knows something is wrong, they just don’t know what (although it’s often perfectly obvious to everyone below the management level.) In contrast healthy companies get early warnings of specific concerns and are able to immediately address them.

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