End of Year Leadership Exercise

This is a very good week for reflection—looking both backward and forward. We spend most of the year caught-up in activities and plans and the danger is that we box ourselves into a pattern of thinking that is trapped in our own paradigm. So take an hour sometime this week to reflect and recalibrate. Here are two prompts, one focused on improvement, the other on innovation:

  • Improvement focus: First, reflect on 2013. Focus on two things: What you thought you and your organization did well and how you could improve in the new year. Dwelling on blame, regrets, and the like add no value. Neither does creating a lengthy list of improvements—what few key improvements will have the most impact on results?
  • Breakthrough focus: Imagine your board or your boss has decided to replace you and bring in a new leader—what would that person do? Why don’t you do it yourself?

Bob Legge works with companies to improve individual and organizational performance. His clients have included Fortune 500 companies, mid-size companies, non-profits, education and government. To find out more, contact Bob at boblegge@boblegge.com or call him at (585) 305-7853. Bob’s website is www.boblegge.com.

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