Do You Have An Accountability Absence?

A significant challenge for management today is accountability. You must count on people doing what is expected of them, and doing it on time. But despite how important this is, many managers don’t know how to hold people accountable without seeming to be dictatorial. And employees today tend to ascribe negative connotations to the word “accountability.”
It doesn’t have to be that way.
Establishing an accountability-based organization involves two fundamental parts:

  1. Establishing expectations, and
  2. Following through

Both parts are important, and making sure both parts are in place is the responsibility of the manager. If a sound accountability system is agreed to and implemented, most people will respond positively. In fact, high performers like having both responsibility and accountability, and they can feel slighted if others are not being accountable.
When someone is not doing what’s expected, it needs to be addressed. The key is to focus on the difference between the expected performance and the actual performance as well as the poor performer’s behavior, not his/her character traits.
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