Cultivate Leadership Talent

My wife has a large garden which produces an abundance of vegetables we eat throughout the year — we still have garlic, beans, hot peppers, and frozen veggies like peas, corn and zucchini, all from last year.  Recently, she has been planting seeds for this year’s garden.  Seeds are truly amazing.  And while they having the potential to grow and produce in abundance, they do best under the right conditions:  The good soil, regular watering, and removing weeds that interfere with healthy growth.
Similarly, planting the seeds for developing leaders requires cultivation for success.  Sending a person to a seminar or conference isn’t nearly enough.  What’s good leadership cultivation?  Providing the skills and knowledge needed to be successful at whatever the next level is for a person, having regular opportunities to learn and be challenged, and individual mentoring and coaching to get stronger and avoid pitfalls.
Make sure your “leadership garden” provides the right support and ongoing cultivation to grow the talent you need today and in the future.

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