Changing Tires at 65 mph

Much of my work is either helping executives successfully implement strategy or lead major change.  In either case, success often hinges on preparing an organization to support its own growth.  This requires:

  • Clarifying your vision of the future business
  • Identifying what the new organization will look like after change
  • Refining the values and norms that support the vision
  • Developing systems, structures, roles and rewards to function as that new organization

If you don’t do this, high performers will see energy-draining confusion and attribute it to weak leadership.  Average performers will see it as reinforcement to continue doing things the old way.

This is often hard work because you cannot stop the organization to redesign it – you have to do it on the fly.  It’s like changing the wheels on a car going 65mph – without stopping.  That’s difficult, but it’s also imperative.

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