Are You Enabling Mediocrity in Your Organization?

Mediocrity is bad for a number of reasons.  Workplaces that allow mediocrity also de-motivate high performers.  And tolerating mediocrity reduces an organization’s energy and productivity, as well as employee engagement and satisfaction.
No one hires good people every time.  You will hire false positives.  The key is what you do about it, and the ones to be concerned about are the mediocre hires.  The truly bad new hire — who does not perform well or doesn’t fit the culture — can be addressed fairly quickly, but a mediocre hire will often be allowed to continue on.  Yet the difference in performance between a mediocre performer and a high performer is significant; and the difference adds up over time.  So address the mediocre performers:  Develop their skills to be good, solid performers; or move them to a position that better fits their abilities; or separate them.  Both of you will be happier in the long-run.
I’m not saying that all employees should be high-performers, but the majority of your people need to be solid contributors, and wanting to learn and grow.
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