Strategies to Accelerate Company Growth

To dramatically grow your business, you’ve got to execute.  Even it you’ve got a great strategy, how it is executed makes all the difference.  I’ve compiled a list of 19 success techniques you can immediately put to use to strengthen your organization’s strategy execution and grow your business.  Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Create and communicate a clear and vivid description of what you want your business to be in the future.  People can’t work toward something or build something without knowing what it looks like, so tell them.
  2. Create a concise statement of how the organization will achieve that vision.  Make it one that you can easily repeat from memory and use every day to remind people and keep them focused.
  3. Have regular reviews of how well your organization structure supports the execution of your strategy.  What’s getting in the way of your organization moving quickly to implement the strategy?
  4. Have regular reviews of your key talent and high potentials.  Do you have the skills you need now and in the near future to achieve your strategy?
  5. Make sure that every one of your top managers is able to articulate the same vision and strategy on the spot.  This is far more important than most leaders realize.
  6. Make all your employees aware of your business goals and ask them to tell you how they, personally, are actively contributing to company success.
  7. Make sure the values of your company specifically support the strategy.  What values will inform the behaviors your need to implement your strategy?
  8. Implement a way to measure how well leaders and managers throughout the organization reflect the values in their day-to-day behavior.
  9. Frequently refer to the strategy and values when your senior team is making key decisions.
  10. Establish periodic communications to your people about your vision, strategy, values, direction, priorities, goals, and progress.
  11. Ask your team and yourself:  “Does our actual company and workplace mirror the one that is described on our website and in our promotions?”
  12. Focus HR programs and practices on reinforcing the business strategy.  Best practices aren’t nearly as important as whether your practices directly support your strategy and operations.
  13. Clearly identify the accountabilities, or end-results, of each key position.  You want people advancing business results, not just being busy with activities.
  14. Schedule dedicated time to continually assess your progress on strategic goals and making adjustments as needed.
  15. Put in place mechanisms for employees to make ongoing improvements to their jobs, the processes they work in, and overall policy and practices.
  16. Make a point of understanding what innovation is (and isn’t,) and how to actively encouraging it in your workplace.
  17. Implement a leadership development program that results in measurable improvements in performance, and prepares key individuals for larger roles.
  18. Replace performance appraisal programs that emphasize the past with forward-looking programs that actually improve performance.
  19. Put every meeting, report, policy, and procedure on trial for its life — get rid of the irrelevant time wasters and diversions.

Pick two or three of these techniques and launch them immediately — not tomorrow, next week, or your next strategy session.  Every day you wait, you are losing value.  Why would you let that happen?
© Copyright 2015  Bob Legge
Bob Legge provides organizations with the ability to exceed their most ambitious goals.  I work with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, small and mid-size companies, nonprofits, education, and government. Together, we drive strategy, lead successful change, develop high performance cultures, improve individual and organizational performance, and produce faster, sustainable growth and value.  Contact him at

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