3 Signs of a Successful Strategic Planning Process

Of course increased revenue, profits, and market share are the real outcomes, but here are three ways you can tell if your organization is focused on your strategy:

  1. Every participant can recite from memory the few important elements of the strategy in 1-2 sentences, or 3-5 key items.  In the most effective organizations, the key strategic elements are very clear and every leader has them top of mind.  If a manager cannot quickly and succinctly state the strategy, the strategy process is ineffective.
  2. The organization is sharply-focused on a small number of initiatives.  The proliferation of projects is a clear sign that the strategic planning process is out of control.  I’ve seen fairly small companies with 50 strategic projects.  That’s not a focused strategy nor is it a focused organization.
  3. Key managers deliver on their parts of the strategy.  They get the work done by integrating the strategic plan into their day-to-day work, instead of making them add-ons.  A lack of accountability indicates that the team did not commit to the strategy.

How effective is your strategic planning process?

Bob Legge provides organizations with the ability to exceed their most ambitious goals.  I work with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, mid-size companies, nonprofits, education, and government. Together, we drive strategy, lead successful change, develop high performance cultures, improve individual and organizational performance, and produce faster, sustainable growth and value.  Contact him at  bob.legge@leggecompany.com

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