Your upbeat spirit and can-do attitude, coupled with your outstanding professional skills, have clearly allowed this organization to weather a most difficult period of time. You should be proud of the contributions you have made. I can't tell you how much I have valued and appreciated your support and conscientious efforts; be assured they will never be forgotten.

Erland E. Kailbourne, Chairman & CEO
Adelphia Communications Corp.

Bob is always insightful, approaching matters from a strategic viewpoint before getting into technical matters. He is able to identify the key issues in any business matter very quickly. He always uses sound judgement in formulating recommendations and is trusted by owners with matters requiring the highest level of confidentiality.

Jim Brush, CEO
Sentry Group

Bob helped us implement our project on-time and under budget. He knows how to successfully manage large-scale change projects for results.

William J. Reddy, Vice President and Controller
RGS Energy Group, Inc.

Bob helped us better focus on our strategy and improve results through fresh thinking on organization issues, performance planning, and compensation. I liked the work so much, I asked Bob Legge to join our Board.

Mitch Samuels, President and CEO
Electri-Cord Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Bob is clearly a leader and a true visionary in the areas of strategic management, organizational development, and talent management. He has a highly-developed ability to rapidly identify needs, bring forth proactive solutions, and lead beneficial change throughout a large and complex organization. The programs envisioned and set in motion by Bob were instrumental in ESL Federal Credit Union's growth and in achieving elite status as a “Great Place To Work.” I highly recommend Bob for any work related to strategic management, organizational design and development, or talent management.

Walter F. Rusnak, Chief Financial Officer
Justice Federal Credit Union, Washington D.C.

Bob was the driving force to propel McKenzie Institute U.S.A. to a higher level. What a privilege for us all to have had his dedication, wisdom, thoughtfulness, and steady guidance through rough seas. I’m very proud of what we accomplished together.

Stacey Lyon, Executive Director
McKenzie Institute U.S.A.

Working with Bob is a pleasure. He observed and analyzed our current situation and knew exactly what was needed to get us on the right path. We all thoroughly enjoy working with Bob and our chemistry with him is spot on. He fit right in with my staff and colleagues. I would rate Bob Legge & Company 100% and would totally recommend his services.

James Sydor, President
Sydor Optics, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Bob on the executive development of leaders within our company. Bob has helped them transform from a tactical task oriented style to one of creating a vision for the organization and driving results through empowered accountable team members. It’s been fun to watch.

Tim Wilson, President & CEO
Arnold Magnetic Technologies

Overall, I was very excited to work through this program, and I couldn’t imagine a better coach then Bob was through this process. His insightful thoughts and deep provoking questions helped me to re-evaluate myself in terms of thought process and actions. Any person committed to improving themselves should see exceptional performance improvements working with Bob.

Dale Gulick, General Manager
Arnold Magnetic Technologies

I wanted to write and thank you for all the excellent work that you did with the McKenzie Institute. Your work was always thorough and detailed, but yet easy-to-understand and you would bring an excellent summary out of some of the chaos in the numbers. It was interesting and encouraging when the Board of Directors would be in discussion and conflict, that you could bring a summary to the discussion and help us clear the air and understand the real points of the concern / problem. It was clarity that we needed to help us in our decision-making process. Thank you again for moving the board ahead not just one step but many steps. We would not be where we are financially or achieving our goals. It has been a sincere pleasure and honor working with you.

Hugh Murray, PT, Diploma MDT
CPT Physical Therapy Specialist, Inc

I want to express appreciation for the highly competent and responsive professional support I received. Your skill, knowledge and understanding of Board and organization issues were invaluable. Your warmth and sensitive manner made working with you a pleasure.

Michael Garber, Executive Director New York Foundling Hospital

Establishing honest, open communications and gaining cooperation across all levels of company employees requires unique skills and proven trust. Legge’s team accomplished this in record time. They became recognized as dedicated and talented professionals that considered our success as important to us as it is to them. The change management effort provided by Bob was a key ingredient in the smooth implementation and ultimate success of our corporate wide project.

Gary Meier, Strategic Planning Services
Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation

I have had the pleasure of working with Bob Legge in a number of capacities, most recently as he served the McKenzie Institute, USA Board, and in his instrumental role in leading a Strategic Planning session for the Departments of Accounting and Business at Daemen College. In both instances, Bob exhibited a keen understanding of not only budgetary operations, but also interpersonal relationships, positioning, and energizing personnel for growth of the organization. His attention to detail, managerial skill, and leadership style would prove to be benefit to any group fortunate enough to engage his services.

Ron Schenk PT, PhD Dean of Health and Human Services
Daemen College

Bob provided clear leadership to a large organization in real crisis. He did a superb job for Adelphia.

David Brunick, Senior Vice President
Adelphia Communications Corp.

Bob has been the catalyst for growth and unfailing leadership to the McKenzie Institute Board of Directors for many projects including business strategy, financial issues, staff, faculty and board incentives, and strategy implementation. He helped the board, and in particular the executive committee, work together as a cohesive team. He facilitated discussions and kept them on point. He recognized members’ skills and effectively utilized them. The strategic plan that we developed with his guidance will serve as a clear path forward for the organization.. He is a visionary who has created a significant legacy in our organization.

Julie Marley, PT, Dip. MDT
Spine & Orthopedic Specialists, Newark, Delaware

Bob Legge brings two key ingredients to the table for change management on a project: attitude and capability. The positive, motivational attitude is contagious. It sets the tempo and creates an atmosphere of success. The capability they bring is both broad and deep. He understands the concepts of change management, the current attitude in much of the business world to change, the business functions, and the criteria needed to bring success. I needed a team who could lead and do. Bob delivered. He’s organized, communicates well and worked shoulder to shoulder with our team. He gets results. His team of professionals was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

Robert Read
Rochester Gas & Electric

Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. is an international dental materials company with North American headquarters in Amherst, New York. Bob accomplished our objectives in a timely, accurate and detailed fashion. We would certainly work with him in the future.

Kim M. Evans
Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

The key to our successful history is the quality of our staff. Bob worked with top management and the compensation committee of the board to ensure that our overall rewards, from base pay to executive compensation, will continue to attract and retain the talent we need.

Dr. Harold Mowl, Superintendent
Rochester School for the Deaf

When we had the opportunity to expand our education program in collaboration with the Rochester City School District, we knew we would have to act fast to get State approval and launch the program. Bob Legge led the project, coordinating the efforts of Roberts Wesleyan, the district and the teachers' union to meet project launch deadlines on-time and within budget. The result is an innovative new program that led to positive public relations and recognition from the New York State Education Department. We're delighted with Bob’s work on this project.

John A. Martin, President
Roberts Wesleyan College

The key to our successful history is the quality of our staff. Bob worked with top management and the compensation committee of the board to ensure that our overall rewards, from base pay to executive compensation, will continue to attract and retain the talent we need.

Kenneth Goode, Director – Office of Government and Community Affairs
Office of the County Executive, Monroe County, New York

Legge delivers the finish line.

Bolgan Vargas, President – Board of Education
Rochester City School District