How to Align Your Organization for Performance

An aligned organization is sharply focused on results – every employee understands their role and can contribute to their utmost. Creating alignment integrates strategy, organizational structure, people, management processes, and culture.

Here is an outline of alignment steps and key questions to ask.



1. What business are we in?
2. What are we extremely good at?
3. What is the source of our competitive advantage?
4. How will we maintain/defend/extend that advantage?
5. What is our vision of success?
6. What are the key strategic goals and how will be measure success?
7. What key projects or strategic imperatives are important for us to invest in and grow our business?


1. Given our strategy, what is the best organization structure to deliver that strategy?
2. What parts of our organization are most important to our strategy and will need to be strengthened?
3. Do we have the right positions and accountabilities identified?
4. What performance objectives and measures are most important?


1. Do we have the talent in each key position to carry out this strategy?
2. Do we have a clear people strategy to attract, retain, develop, motivate and reward our people, or do we simply have a collection of disjointed processes?
3. Are our levels of management up to the task of developing and energizing our people.


1. Does our performance system actually improve performance, or is it primarily an administrative task to complete performance reviews?
2. Do we actively manage compensation dollars to ensure appropriate pay levels, or do we simply keep giving standard pay increases?
3. Do we differentiate performance with differences in pay in a way that makes sense?
4. Are we on top of our benefit costs and managing them appropriately?
5. Do we have a good blend of base salary and incentives that reflect results?
6. Are we actively managing our culture to ensure integrity with our values?
7. Does our culture provide a competitive advantage?